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  • Prices starting at $10.8
  • 20% off the first order


  • Incompetent writers
  • Zero reliable reviews
  • Pushy support agents
  • Shady refund terms

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About Company

PaperWriter doesn’t stand out in any remarkable way. It closely resembles several other similar sites I’ve encountered previously. This particular platform is operated by NIC International Services LP, based in the UK with headquarters in Northern Ireland. The company touts affordability, quality writing, and complimentary plagiarism reports as part of their offerings. However, my experience indicates that they permit less capable writers to bid on new orders, and their willingness to provide refunds isn’t as favorable as one might hope. Continue reading to understand why my impression of this service is far from positive.

PaperWriter Reviews & Online Reputation

The landscape of reviews for PaperWriter appears to be inundated with cookie-cutter positive feedback, characterized by generic phrases like “good job” and “awesome writing.” These commendations lack substantial depth and detail. However, my investigation beyond this curated feedback led me to a scant four reviews spread across platforms such as Sitejabber, Trustpilot, and Reddit. Notably, the most recent of these reviews surfaced in late 2020.

This scarcity of recent reviews, particularly given the remote learning surge during the past year, does little to bolster confidence in the service’s current standing. The absence of a substantial influx of new clients, despite the shift to remote classes, is a perplexing and concerning aspect that raises doubts about PaperWriter’s reliability and appeal to today’s student demographic.

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Types of Services Provided

Despite the seemingly extensive range of assignment types and classes listed, a closer examination reveals that the scope of services offered by PaperWriter can be distilled into four fundamental categories:

  1. Writing and rewriting
  2. Proofreading and editing
  3. STEM assignments
  4. Calculations

While the initial appearance of variety may be impressive, this breakdown highlights the core areas that the service primarily caters to, offering insight into the specific types of academic assistance it provides.

Prices & Deadlines

In the realm of PaperWriter reviews, the matter of prices remains largely unaddressed. Allow me to elucidate the pricing mechanism. Upon creating an account, you gain access to an estimation tool. Subsequently, the order form factors in elements such as your paper type, deadline, academic level, and page count, culminating in a preliminary cost evaluation. The following step involves perusing writers’ bids, which commence at the lowest price point and escalate to nearly double that amount.

This intricate pricing model renders the ultimate cost of your paper uncertain. However, the entry point rests at $10.8, catering specifically to high school students with a two-month deadline. For college-level work, prices initiate at $11.4. To offer a personal reference, I paid approximately $50 for a 5-page essay with a 5-day turnaround.

PaperWriter Discounts and Promo Codes

Curiously, I was fortunate enough to secure a remarkable deal. Upon logging in and initiating a new order, a 20% discount was promptly applied, enhancing the overall value of my transaction. While the bidding procedure might not overtly state this, it’s conceivable that the offers are modified to factor in this automatic discount. Notably, should you opt for a more extensive assignment, the potential for a substantial 30% discount further underscores the potential savings you can enjoy.

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Paper Quality and Personal Experience

As my Paper Writer review unfolds, it might seem as though a narrative twist could potentially alter the trajectory of my assessment. Alas, this tale lacks a fairy-tale ending. I embarked on this journey in pursuit of a 5-page essay, envisaging an argumentative opus that would delve into the intricate interplay between vaccination mandates and individual freedoms. My expectations were anchored in the anticipation of a piece that would confidently assert its opinion, delving into the realm of controversy while remaining fortified by scientific underpinnings.

Regrettably, the reality I encountered proved a stark contrast. Instead of a well-structured and substantiated discourse, I was met with an extensive diatribe bereft of any discernible substance. The absence of a single unbiased source citation compounded the disappointment. Moreover, the composition was marred by awkward phrasing and an overall inelegant mastery of the English language, evoking doubts about the writer’s linguistic competence. The cumulative effect of these inadequacies left me disheartened and questioning the service’s commitment to delivering quality work.

PaperWriter Revisions and Refund Policy

As certain Paper Writer reviews had hinted, the provision of free revisions is indeed part of the service’s policy. However, this offering comes with a caveat: one must effectively persuade the Quality Assurance Department that the original instructions were egregiously disregarded. While I managed to muster the energy for this endeavor, the outcome proved disappointing. The second draft offered no improvement, perpetuating the same paucity of substance that plagued the initial rendition.

The notion of seeking a refund barely crossed my mind. Based on my observations, the criteria for obtaining a refund are stringent, demanding concrete evidence in the form of a Turnitin report that substantiates the presence of plagiarism. Situations such as delayed delivery fall short of warranting a full refund, and even securing a partial refund appears to be a laborious undertaking, marked by challenges and hurdles. This refund policy, in essence, doesn’t foster confidence in the platform’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

Support and Communication

The support agents I interacted with were notably assertive in their approach, while the Quality Assurance managers heavily leaned on automated responses to address grievances. In the broader context of my PaperWriter review, the realm of communication didn’t emerge as a strong point for this company. At the same time, it didn’t rank as the most glaring issue I encountered during this experience.


In crafting this review of, I endeavored to maintain objectivity and thoroughness, aiming to safeguard you from encountering the same pitfalls I did and placing undue trust in this company. While there may be a possibility that certain writers within their roster possess the proficiency needed to tackle college-level essays and undertake unbiased research, my personal encounter casts doubt on their overall reliability.

Considering my firsthand experience, I am compelled to withhold my recommendation for this platform. Instead, I urge you to explore the plethora of affordable and dependable alternatives available in the academic writing realm. The prudence of exploring alternative options is underscored by the concerns and reservations raised throughout my narrative.