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  • Good paper samples
  • Friendly & helpful support team


  • ESL writers only
  • Poor paper quality
  • Expensive extra services
  • Plagiarism

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About serves as a dedicated writing service catering to the academic needs of English-speaking students. The platform is tailored to assist students with their various academic assignments. Established in 2013, has a history of providing support to learners in need. The owner of the platform is Writeperfect LTD, a company registered in Cyprus within an offshore jurisdiction. Notably, this strategic location places it beyond the purview of both US and UK jurisdiction. As I delve into this review of, I will uncover essential details as well as potential pitfalls worth considering. Reviews & Online Reputation

Upon conducting thorough research, I came across a substantial number of reviews, totaling approximately one hundred. Among these reviews, it was noteworthy that around 70% conveyed a positive sentiment towards the platform. However, it would be remiss to disregard the comments registered on platforms like SiteJabber and TrustPilot. A subset of individuals voiced concerns regarding paper quality, complex refund procedures, and the perceived sluggishness of the customer support team. It is imperative to acknowledge these perspectives.

Social Media Presence of

Currently, has opted to discontinue its presence on Facebook and Instagram. As a result, users seeking updates and information are directed solely to the official website. The rationale behind this decision remains unclear. One possible speculation is that this strategic move was prompted by the desire to mitigate exposure to negative reviews, given instances of their social media accounts having been compromised on multiple occasions.

Range of Services Offered

Turning our attention to the array of services extended by, we encounter a comprehensive list of typical academic papers they are prepared to undertake on your behalf:

  • Admission essays
  • Literature reviews
  • Research papers
  • Argumentative essays
  • Capstone projects

Expanding beyond mere paper types, demonstrates versatility in handling an array of pivotal research areas and subjects. These encompass disciplines such as Physics, Sociology, Algebra, History, Geography, and English Literature. While this enumeration is informative, it is pertinent to refocus on the salient aspects of this review.

Pricing and Timeframes

To delve into a comprehensive analysis of’s pricing strategy, I have compiled a detailed table outlining the costs contingent upon various deadlines: Pricing

Deadline Price per Page
10 days from $13.73
5 days from $15.66
24 hours from $24.95
1 hour from $41.83

In broad strokes, it is discernible that the pricing structure is not exorbitant. However, it is pertinent to exercise discernment when considering additional features, as they tend to incur significant costs. Therefore, prudent consideration is advised prior to availing options such as plagiarism reports or similar add-ons. Notably, empirical insights garnered from reviews emphasize that many patrons opt for foundational services when transacting on the platform.

Discounts and Promotions extends a generous 15% discount to inaugural users. Moreover, it is possible to solicit promotional codes from the support agents, which can effectively reduce the overall expenditure if prior transactions have been conducted on the platform. From my accumulated perspective, accrued while formulating this review of, these incentives can prove instrumental, particularly when acquiring more intricate and costly papers.’s Writing Team affords prospective clients the option to engage either the “best available writer” or a “top expert” for their projects. Moreover, clients have the discretion to select a writer from the site’s top 10 ranking. However, it’s reasonable to exhibit skepticism toward such rankings, given the absence of accessible global statistics. It’s noteworthy that, in my perusal of numerous reviews, a prevalent observation emerges: writers often necessitate an extended period to grasp even rudimentary project specifications. Therefore, it is prudent to brace oneself for patiently elucidating even the most fundamental nuances to the chosen writer.

Placing an Order on

The conspicuous “Order” button, prominently displayed in the upper right corner of the homepage, serves as an unmistakable starting point. To ensure a seamless process, here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Specify Paper Details: Begin by selecting the pertinent paper type, desired deadline, and corresponding academic level.
  2. Writer Selection: Opt for the preferred type of writer—be it the “best available writer,” a “top expert,” or a writer from the site’s top 10 ranking.
  3. Contact Information: Furnish your email address and phone number to facilitate communication and updates.
  4. Additional Details: Incorporate any supplementary paper details or instructions to ensure precision in execution.
  5. Payment: Effect payment for your order, thus initiating the process.
  6. Await Completion: With the transaction completed, anticipate the delivery of your paper within the designated timeframe.

By adhering to these instructions, you can navigate the process seamlessly, optimizing your experience with’s services.

Paper Quality and Personal Experience

Opting for a 2-page argumentative essay on the topic of “Stalin’s Empire Style vs. Classic Empire Style: the main differences” within the realm of Architecture, my engagement with encountered some notable setbacks. Regrettably, my allocated writer demonstrated shortcomings attributable to their ESL status, which became apparent through incongruous verbal constructions and inapt epithets within sentences.

Further compounding my dissatisfaction, the writer struggled to discern the nuances distinguishing the two similar architectural styles in question. The resultant proposals lacked the expected depth and cogency, prompting a disconcerting comparison to the composition skills of a novice.

A disheartening episode arose when instances of blatant plagiarism came to light, with approximately three sentences directly lifted from a freely accessible sample. The pervasiveness of such practices raises questions about the integrity of their work.

Revisions and Refund Policy

While extends the courtesy of complimentary revisions, it is evident that such interventions often fall short in refining the overall quality of the papers. Additionally, the company’s willingness to entertain refund requests is evident, albeit within a substantial timeframe—up to 180 days—particularly in cases involving plagiarism. However, this avenue did not prove viable in my circumstance.

Service Features

In a bid to augment user engagement, furnishes newcomers with a noteworthy 15% discount. Furthermore, potential patrons can solicit promo codes through the online chat feature. The provision of complimentary samples is a commendable initiative catering to students’ informational needs. The choice to select a writer’s proficiency level, though touted, is marred by the evident limitations showcased in my encounter.


In summation, my experience with leads me to discourage its usage. The discernible shortcomings in writer professionalism and the convoluted refund process contribute to a disheartening overall encounter. In light of these aspects, it is advisable to explore alternative platforms that can offer more dependable and superior services. Prudent consideration is urged to avoid expending resources on a site that fails to deliver the anticipated standard of excellence.