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  • Exorbitant prices
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  • Negative reviews
  • Painful and obnoxious customer service

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As indicated on the homepage, was established by Jessica Mott with the intention of aiding high-achieving students. The platform allows these students to judiciously delegate papers, thus allowing them to allocate their time and efforts to other projects, thereby striking a balance between different academic pursuits. The company takes pride in its unique positioning, asserting that it does not cater to all types of customers, does not offer the lowest prices, and refrains from compromising quality. Unfortunately, upon closer scrutiny, it becomes apparent that only two out of these three assertions hold true. My forthcoming evidence will demonstrate how this essay mill substantially cuts corners, contradicting its claims. Reviews & Online Reputation

Despite the abundance of (misleading) media references, one might reasonably assume that a company of this stature would be inundated with positive reviews. However, the unfortunate reality is quite the opposite. A glaring absence of a positive Paymetodoyourhomework Reddit reputation further highlights this disparity. Moreover, on platforms like SiteJabber and Trustpilot, only a meager number of posts are found, and to compound matters, the majority of these entries are characterized by negativity. This predicament raises concerns as the company continues to request substantial sums of money from customers, all the while failing to furnish any concrete evidence of the qualifications or past successes of their writers. Types of Services Provided

Amidst the limited positive aspects I could identify, the diversity of services offered by Pay Me to Do Your Homework stands out. This platform encompasses a range of capabilities, enabling them to:

  • Craft custom papers
  • Manage your online coursework
  • Undertake and finalize homework assignments
  • Assume responsibility for quizzes and examinations on your behalf
  • Even embark on completing an entire online MBA program in your place

Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that they abstain from engaging with high school students. Moreover, their services do not extend to individuals affiliated with ASU or attending colleges within the domain of New York State. While these offerings indeed add a layer of versatility to the company’s repertoire, these specific limitations underscore certain restrictions within their service scope.

Prices & Deadlines

All factors considered, this assessment of Pay Me to Do Your Homework would have been favorable had their pricing been more grounded in reality. Although the listed essay writing rates initiate at $29 per page, securing a paper at that price point is essentially implausible. Furthermore, discerning the precise cost of their services remains elusive until personal details and paper specifications are submitted, precipitating a wait of a day or two for a complementary quote. In my experience, I ended up shelling out nearly $200 for a mere 3-page essay, marking this as the most exorbitant expense I’ve incurred for a paper.

Furthermore, comprehending the intricacies of their deadline system is confounding. Despite the option to set deadlines as tight as a few hours, the reality is that the allocated time may be exhausted while awaiting a quote. Moreover, it’s important to bear in mind that the commencement of work on your paper is contingent upon receipt of payment. If you are resolute in utilizing this platform, it is prudent to opt for the most extended possible deadlines. This strategy can potentially mitigate the uncertainty and time constraints that characterize the quote and payment process.

Paper Quality and Personal Experience

Despite my initial skepticism, I couldn’t escape the truth contained in the scarce Pay Me to Do Your Homework reviews I managed to uncover. My expectations were set on receiving an impeccable essay that delved into the environmental ramifications of the Covid-19 pandemic, given the wealth of contemporary literature on the subject. Disappointingly, what I received was a profoundly superficial analysis centered solely on the impact of airplane traffic on the atmosphere. This cursory treatment was bereft of any substantiating statistics or credible sources.

The paper I received was alarmingly short, consisting of only a few paragraphs. In a perplexing recurrence, the same ideas were reiterated three times over. In all honesty, I am confident that I could have composed a far superior paper in a mere two hours, given the remarkably limited depth and repetition present in the delivered work. This outcome falls astonishingly short of the comprehensive and well-researched essay I had anticipated, thereby cementing my disillusionment with the quality of Pay Me to Do Your Homework’s offerings.

Support and Communication

Regrettably, establishing contact with the company is a convoluted process devoid of the directness one might expect. The absence of options such as phone calls or live chat leaves one solely reliant on emails for communication. This mode of correspondence presents a double-edged sword, where responses are often far from immediate, requiring hours and sometimes even days to receive a reply, particularly if the inquiry is made over the weekend.

Adding to the vexation, the majority of the messages are automated, exuding the same intrusive and overbearing tone that pervades the company’s website. A glaring instance of this comes to the fore when seeking a revision. Shockingly, not only did the company demand additional funds for the revision, but it also resorted to veiled threats, as evidenced by the recurring tone of their messages. This approach to customer communication is undoubtedly disconcerting and has the potential to exacerbate dissatisfaction with the company’s overall service experience.


When assessing whether Pay Me to Do Your Homework can be deemed legitimate, it’s crucial to consider the broader context. While the company does operate as a functional entity, providing writing services to customers, it appears to have significant shortcomings in various aspects of its service delivery.

The pricing structure is notably inflated, raising questions about value for money. Additionally, the communication channels, limited to emails with delayed responses and automated messages, hinder effective customer engagement. The condescending tone reflected in communications, coupled with the request for additional funds for revisions, further detracts from the overall experience.

While the writing quality might be adequate for achieving a passing grade, the exorbitant rates charged for their services may not be commensurate with the delivered outcomes. Therefore, if you seek a service that offers more transparent pricing, better communication options, and a willingness to accommodate revisions, it might be advisable to explore alternative writing companies that can provide a more balanced and satisfactory experience.