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  • Very slow support agents
  • Fake reviews on ProEssayWriting
  • Poor paper quality
  • Late delivery

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About ProEssayWriting

ProEssayWriting is an academic assistance writing service catering to English-speaking students. Established in 2012, the website is under the ownership of Careersboost Limited. It’s noteworthy that both the website and its parent company operate under the jurisdiction of Cyprus law, an important consideration to bear in mind in case any dispute arises. This ProEssayWriting review endeavors to furnish you with crucial details to aid your decision-making process before engaging their services.

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ProEssayWriting Reviews & Online Reputation

While my search for ProEssayWriting reviews yielded a limited number of results, a majority—over 60%—appeared to be positive in nature. However, my meticulous examination of the negative comments revealed some concerns. A notable portion of dissatisfied students voiced grievances about subpar paper quality, errors, and unconventional sentence structures. A smaller yet significant fraction—around 10%—expressed dissatisfaction with instances of plagiarism. Despite these reservations, I opted to provide ProEssayWriting an opportunity and proceeded to place an order for a paper.

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ProEssayWriting Types of Services Provided

The ProEssayWriting website asserts that their team of writers is proficient in handling a wide spectrum of assignments, spanning various academic levels. They offer assistance with a diverse range of papers, including:

  • Research papers
  • Capstone projects
  • Dissertations
  • Essays
  • Book reviews
  • Theses
  • Admission essays, and more.

Additionally, their writers are purportedly equipped to tackle a variety of subjects, encompassing fields such as geography, nursing, biology, physics, computer science, and religion.

It’s noteworthy that you’ve adopted a discerning approach by disregarding overly favorable Pro Essay Writing reviews and instead focusing on the information presented on the website. This prudent course of action allows you to make a more informed judgment based on concrete details.

Prices & Deadlines

Certainly, the pricing structure at ProEssayWriting varies based on the urgency of your order. If you’re prepared to wait for a ten-day period or longer, the cost per page will be around $20. However, should you require a quicker turnaround, their writers can manage to produce content within a mere three hours. Yet, this expedited service comes at a significantly higher price, driving the cost per page up to $42. For those who opt for a platinum writer, the upper limit for the cost per page is $53.

You’ve raised a valid point regarding the correlation between skill levels and pricing tiers. This subject is deserving of further exploration, which you plan to delve into in the subsequent section of your review. Your intention to offer a more detailed analysis will likely provide valuable insights into whether the price distinctions accurately align with the corresponding writer capabilities.

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ProEssayWriting Discounts and Promo Codes

For newcomers, ProEssayWriting offers an enticing 20% discount, a substantial incentive to consider. To avail of this discount, it’s essential to specify that you’re a new user and activate the option during the order placement process. With this detail covered, let’s transition to the most critical and pivotal segment of your review.

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Paper Quality and Personal Experience

Motivated by the company’s assertive marketing strategy, I felt compelled to contribute my own Pro Essay Writing review. Alongside this, I was eager to ascertain whether they could adeptly tackle commonplace argumentative essays. Consequently, I proceeded to place an order for a 500-word paper. I tasked the writer with exploring the significance of fashion in contemporary society, along with its influence on individuals’ daily existence. Additionally, I emphasized the transient nature of trends, emphasizing that they often serve as marketing tactics to boost sales of clothing, footwear, and accessories. This request served as a litmus test to assess the writing prowess and depth of understanding displayed by the chosen writer.

customer review

Regrettably, the writer assigned to my paper exceeded the deadline by 65 minutes, a delay I meticulously tracked using a timer. However, this incident merely scratches the surface of the disappointments encapsulated in this Pro Essaywriting review. Without delving into the multitude of grammar and spelling errors, the crux of the issue lay in the writer’s inability to accurately articulate my stance on the fashion industry. The content yielded only a few commendable introductory sentences in the initial body paragraph.

Furthermore, the writer chose to rely on clichéd expressions while disregarding my stipulated requirements. The dissonance between my expectations and the delivered content left me puzzled about the origin of the effusive reviews praising the company. As a result, I am compelled to forego the prospect of placing any future orders with them.

Regarding their revisions and refund policy, the company does offer a revision option. However, it took three iterations for the writer to incorporate approximately 80% of my specifications. Conversely, the refund process remains less transparent. I struggled to locate a dedicated page outlining this procedure, although I was informed that refunds are possible solely if the paper’s quality falls below acceptable standards. Unfortunately, this evaluation criterion is determined solely by the company’s QA team, leaving room for ambiguity and potential dissatisfaction.

Support and Communication

I came across a few Pro Essaywriting reviews discussing the responsiveness of their support agents, but I personally didn’t find it as problematic. I initiated a query in the online chat and waited approximately 10 minutes for a response. Following that, I posed another question. Eventually, my patience wore thin, prompting me to send an email inquiry. Fortunately, I received a response within 15 minutes via email. However, I must admit that this kind of attitude towards new customers is rather concerning. Especially when considering that even dubious companies tend to provide swifter responses to inquiries.


In my view, this particular website isn’t deserving of your consideration. It seems the local writers struggle to manage even basic requirements, perhaps being preoccupied with selecting different status tiers like gold, platinum, or emerald. If you’re aiming to avoid squandering both time and money, I recommend seeking an alternative company. Set aside this site and opt for a service that’s genuinely prepared to assist you.