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Service features:

Service rating


Price from


Max Discount


Min Deadline

3 hours

Free revisions


Refund guaranteed



  • Discounts for new customers


  • High prices
  • Writers don’t stick to deadlines
  • Poor paper quality
  • Very tricky refund policy
  • Fake RushEssay reviews

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About is a well-established company that has been in operation since 1997, positioning itself as a significant player in the industry. However, it’s important to note that certain aspects of the website, such as its design and range of services, might not align with modern trends. Despite these initial impressions, let’s strive to provide an unbiased RushEssay review.

According to the company, it boasts more than 25 years of experience in the market and is under the ownership of Universal Research Inc. Unfortunately, the absence of information regarding its legal status on the website raises doubts about the company’s reliability and legitimacy. This initial uncertainty underlines the importance of conducting thorough research and scrutiny when evaluating the credibility of such services.

customer review

Rushessay Reviews and Online Reputation

Indeed, customer reviews serve as a valuable resource for obtaining insights and real-world experiences with a particular service. Platforms like SiteJabber, TrustPilot, and similar ones often provide a comprehensive view of a company’s performance through the eyes of its customers.

However, I understand that the reviews for seem to be quite polarized, which can indeed lead to confusion. It’s not uncommon to encounter a mix of positive and negative comments, as customer experiences can vary widely based on factors like individual expectations, communication, and the quality of the service provided. Analyzing a few relevant feedback comments can offer further clarity on the overall impression of the company. If you provide me with the specific feedback comments you’d like me to analyze, I’d be more than happy to help you interpret them and provide insights.

Prices, Deadlines and Discounts

Certainly, analyzing the pricing structure of is a crucial factor in understanding your perspective on the company. It appears that the company offers a tiered pricing system, with costs varying depending on the urgency of the deadline.

For those who can afford to wait ten days or more for their paper, the price per page is $20.99, which is comparatively reasonable for a college-level paper. However, when facing a significantly tighter three-hour deadline, the price substantially escalates to nearly $51 for a mere 275 words. This significant price jump for urgent orders might raise concerns about the affordability of the service for those in need of rapid assistance.

Your assessment of the company’s pricing strategy can greatly inform the overall evaluation of its value proposition and customer-friendliness.

Your breakdown of the additional costs and services offered by is valuable for readers seeking a comprehensive understanding of the pricing structure. The availability of VIP support for an extra $10 and proofreading services at almost $11 for the entire paper provides clarity on potential add-ons and their associated costs.

The inclusion of a 15% discount for beginners who use a RushEssay promo code demonstrates an attempt to incentivize new customers to engage with the service. Furthermore, the prospect of a 17% price reduction for regular customers who consistently order assignments fosters a sense of loyalty and rewards repeat business.

By outlining these various pricing components, you offer readers an informed perspective on the cost-related aspects of the service, helping them gauge its affordability and potential benefits. This well-rounded assessment contributes to the comprehensiveness of your review.

How to Make an Order at Rushessay

Your breakdown of the ordering process for provides a clear and concise guide for potential customers considering using the service. By following these three fundamental steps, individuals can efficiently proceed from initiating the order to making the payment:

  1. Order Details: Begin by furnishing essential information about your paper, such as its topic, required specifications, and the number of pages.
  2. Personal Information: Proceed to provide pertinent personal details that are crucial for processing the order effectively.
  3. Payment Method: Conclude the process by selecting a suitable payment method and remitting the necessary amount for the assignment.

Your mention of the potential availability of a RushEssay discount is a useful note for readers interested in reducing their overall costs. Advising them to engage with customer support representatives to clarify such details demonstrates your attention to assisting readers in making well-informed decisions. This succinct outline of the ordering process adds to the practicality of your review.

Is Rushessay Worth It?

It’s disheartening to learn that your experience with fell short of your expectations, especially after providing clear and detailed instructions for your 2-page college admission essay. Your request to focus on your aspirations as a future top manager, accompanied by a comprehensive list of qualities and aspects to highlight, should ideally have been adhered to with precision.

It’s disappointing to hear that the writer only partially met your requirements, resulting in a subpar outcome. Despite being able to apply the RushEssay discount code, your dissatisfaction with the final order underscores the importance of not only affordability but also the quality of the delivered content.

Your candid account of this experience is valuable for others contemplating using the service. It emphasizes the need for consistent and attentive adherence to customer instructions, and the overall impact that this has on the success of the completed work. Thank you for sharing your insights and contributing to a more informed perspective on

Terms of Use

Your assessment of the revision and refund policies outlined on highlights a concerning discrepancy between the information presented on the website and the actual experiences of customers. While the website asserts that these options are readily available, your findings suggest that the reality is far from what’s promised.

Obtaining a free revision appears to be a challenge in itself, and the prospects of securing a partial or full refund seem to be even more elusive based on your observations. This misalignment between the stated policies and the practical implementation raises significant concerns about the company’s commitment to addressing customer concerns and offering a satisfactory resolution in cases of dissatisfaction.

Your candid evaluation of these policies is invaluable for potential customers who are seeking reliable and customer-oriented writing services. It underscores the importance of verifying the accuracy of claims made by companies and being cautious about placing trust in seemingly favorable policies until they have been proven in practice.


The prevailing sentiment expressed in various reviews, suggesting that the local support agents exhibit less than professional behavior, is indeed concerning. Drawing a comparison to carpet sellers in Turkey emphasizes the perception of their demeanor as being deceptive or disingenuous, rather than supportive and informative.

Your experience further illustrates this sentiment, as the support agent you engaged with seemed more inclined to provide rosy assurances rather than candidly address your concerns. The agent’s grandiose claims about the writers’ extensive experience and flawless capabilities, including claims like “seeing the Buddha in Nirvana,” aptly depict the overly embellished nature of the response.

Your account underscores the importance of reliable and straightforward customer support, which plays a critical role in building trust and confidence in the service. Such interactions greatly shape the overall customer experience and influence decisions on whether or not to proceed with a particular service.

Your candid assessment of the actual expertise of the writers at, as compared to the grandiose claims made by the support agent, highlights a significant gap between promises and reality. The observation that these “experts” lack a fundamental grasp of grammar rules and essential distinctions between different types of essays is concerning, especially for a service that prides itself on delivering high-quality work.

Your discontent is understandable, particularly when faced with the reality that contradicts the assurances given by the support agent. The absence of accurate guidance and a failure to suggest suitable writers who could meet your specific requirements adds to the frustration.

Your determination to present a negative review reflects your commitment to sharing an honest account of your experience. It serves as a valuable resource for potential customers seeking genuine insights into the service’s performance and credibility. Your hope for more transparent and helpful interactions with support agents is a reasonable expectation, and your feedback underscores the importance of reliable communication in the customer service realm.


Your candid expression of disappointment and frustration with both the quality of the assignment and the support agents reflects a deeply unsatisfactory experience with The mismatch between the promised expertise and the actual outcome raises valid questions about the competence and integrity of the service. Your speculative humor about the planetary parade highlighting the difficulty of producing a simple paper underscores the stark contrast between expectations and reality.

Your ultimate conclusion, that there are other writing services more deserving of attention, resonates with the sentiment that potential customers should exercise caution and thorough research when choosing a service provider. Your recommendation to invest a modest amount of time to find a reputable company that ensures both marketing claims and quality writing services aligns with the pragmatic approach of making informed choices.

Your candid account serves as a cautionary tale for those considering using and encourages readers to explore alternative options that prioritize both transparent practices and high-quality output. Thank you for sharing your experience and insights to help others avoid similar disappointments.