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  • Modern and convenient website


  • Many negative SameDayEssay reviews
  • Low quality of essays
  • Extra features are very expensive

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About SameDayEssay

Your introduction effectively sets the stage for your SameDayEssay review, providing readers with an overview of the service’s positioning, claims, and its affiliation with BrainUp Limited. You highlight the company’s emphasis on fast service and its commitment to zero plagiarism and high-quality papers, which are crucial aspects that potential customers often consider when evaluating an academic writing solution.

Your interest in seeking positive SameDayEssay reviews, fresh promo codes, and the service’s rating demonstrates your intent to thoroughly investigate and present a comprehensive evaluation. By deciding to personally try out the service for one of your academic assignments, you emphasize your dedication to providing readers with a firsthand account and an unbiased assessment.

Your promise to deliver a real and up-to-date SameDayEssay review, uncovering the truth about the company’s performance, speaks to your commitment to transparency and sharing accurate information. By inviting readers to join you on your exploration and decision-making process, you create an engaging and informative context for your review.

Samedayessay Reviews & Online Reputation

Your decision to conduct thorough research by searching for fresh SameDayEssay reviews on independent platforms like SiteJabber showcases your diligence in gathering a well-rounded perspective. The use of the built-in filter on SiteJabber to access the most up-to-date feedback demonstrates a strategic approach to accessing the latest insights from other students’ experiences.

Your observation of the mixed nature of the feedback highlights the complexity of evaluating a service based on reviews. While many students expressed satisfaction with the papers they received from SameDayEssay, the presence of a significant amount of negative feedback suggests potential areas of concern.

This insight into the variety of opinions expressed in reviews sets the stage for your own experience with SameDayEssay and positions you as a discerning and informed reviewer who seeks a balanced assessment based on both positive and negative feedback.

Samedayessay at social media

Your approach of searching for a chosen writing service on social media platforms is a logical step to gain further insights into the service’s presence and engagement with its audience. Your assumption that a modern website would likely extend its reach to social media is a reasonable one, but your findings demonstrated a different reality.

Your experience of not being able to locate the company’s channel or relevant information on Facebook showcases a limitation in SameDayEssay’s online presence. The absence of a presence on one of the most popular social media platforms is indeed surprising and may raise questions about the company’s commitment to engaging with its audience and potential customers.

Your attempt to explore the company on Twitter and the discovery that the last post was in 2019 points to a lack of recent activity on that platform as well. This observation indicates a potential gap in SameDayEssay’s communication strategies, which could have implications for its ability to provide timely updates, engage with customers, and maintain a current and responsive online presence.

Your insights into the company’s limited or outdated social media presence contribute to a more comprehensive understanding of SameDayEssay’s overall approach to communication and engagement with its audience.

Prices Deadlines and Discounts

The most incredible thing I discovered when using the samdayessay service was the fastest deadline to choose to get your paper done. The company’s writers can write an essay for you in only one hour! However, let’s be frank. Even the most skilled and professional writer won’t be able to do the research, choose the most relevant facts and examples, and write a winning academic paper in only 60 minutes. As for me, meeting this deadline with a quality essay is impossible. If you don’t have such a burning assignment, you can easily pick up any other deadline according to your particular needs. By the way, placing an order with a 30-day deadline allows receiving the lowest possible price per page.

The pricing of the service falls within the average range. Typically, High School essays are the most economical, while Ph.D. papers command the highest prices. Additionally, new users have the option to utilize a Same day essay promo code, granting them a 10% discount. Unfortunately, regular customers are not eligible for any discounts or promo codes from SameDayEssay.

Several features are provided without charge:

  1. Direct communication with your assigned writer
  2. Title page and bibliography generation
  3. Access to an unlimited number of sources
  4. A 14-day window for revisions
  5. Around-the-clock customer support

While these features may appear enticing for newcomers, it’s worth noting that many of these offerings are also available without cost on alternative academic writing platforms.

How to make an order at Samedayessay

In this review of my experience with SamedayEssays, I want to walk you through the seamless process of placing an order:

  1. Select Your Paper Type, Academic Level, Deadline, and Page Count: Begin by choosing the type of paper you need, indicating your academic level, setting the deadline for completion, and specifying the number of pages required.
  2. Review and Confirm Assignment Details: Take a moment to double-check and confirm the fundamental details of your chosen academic task from the previous step.
  3. Choose the Ideal Writer for Your Project: You are presented with the option to select the writer who best aligns with your preferences and requirements. You can opt for the “Best Available,” “Top,” or “Premium” writer, depending on your preferences.
  4. Provide Your Contact Information: Input your email address and phone number to ensure smooth communication and updates regarding your order.
  5. Topic Selection and Detailed Instructions: Choose a relevant topic for your assignment and provide specific instructions to guide the writer. You can also specify the desired number of sources and the preferred referencing style.
  6. Opt for Additional Services (Optional): Enhance your order by selecting any extra services offered at an additional cost, further customizing your experience to meet your unique needs.
  7. Secure Payment for Your Assignment: Complete the process by making the payment for your academic assignment using the provided payment options.

Through these steps, SamedayEssays simplifies the order placement process, ensuring that you receive a tailored academic solution within your specified timeframe.

Is Samedayessay Worth It

Allow me to share my firsthand experience of using the service, starting from the very beginning. Upon initiating my journey, I embarked on the task of creating a SameDayEssay login and password, thus securing access to my personal profile. An additional step involved subscribing to the company’s newsletter, which proved fruitful as I received a valuable 10% SameDayEssay coupon code for my inaugural order. This initial process unfolded seamlessly, characterized by its user-friendly nature.

The service exhibited a commendable diversity in terms of payment methods, facilitating my selection of the most suitable option to align with my preferences and convenience.

Eager to delve into the academic realm, I opted to order a College essay within the domain of Psychology. Armed with the specific assignment requirements as provided by my professor, I promptly attached these directives to my order. My selection of a 10-day deadline underscored my anticipation for a comprehensive and meticulously crafted paper.

Upon the designated delivery date, my essay arrived punctually, an aspect I deemed crucial. My first task was to gauge the level of plagiarism, a check that yielded satisfactory results, affirming the originality of the content. However, the subsequent examination revealed a disconcerting discrepancy – the writer appeared to have overlooked several crucial instructions encapsulated within the attachment I had furnished. Additionally, the presence of spelling and punctuation errors prompted a wave of disappointment. These incongruities led me to question whether my assignment had been crafted by an expert writer or perhaps another student.

Adhering to the parameters delineated by SameDayEssay, I was granted a 14-day window to request revisions sans any extra charges. Seizing this opportunity, I embarked on the journey to enhance the quality of my essay. The initial revision exhibited an attempt to rectify the mistakes within the document, but regrettably, the instructions continued to elude the writer’s attention. The subsequent iteration was perplexing, as it appeared unchanged from the previous version. Regrettably, even after two revision attempts, my satisfaction with the caliber of the essay remained elusive, leaving me disillusioned by the apparent lack of improvement.

In culmination, my encounter with SameDayEssay, while marked by a promising start and punctual delivery, regrettably descended into a series of revisions that fell short of addressing key requirements. The outcome left me with a sense of dissatisfaction concerning the overall quality of my essay, prompting contemplation on the service’s efficacy and commitment to excellence.

Terms of Use

In accordance with the stipulations outlined in the Terms and Conditions, the opportunity to request a refund is restricted to a limited period—specifically, 14 days subsequent to the designated deadline. This temporal constraint accentuates the significance of promptly assessing the delivered work to ascertain its alignment with expectations and requirements.

It is indeed disconcerting that this timeframe for a potential refund might not provide ample opportunity for a comprehensive evaluation, especially in cases involving complex assignments or detailed feedback from professors. This limitation inherently implies that if a subpar paper is received, there may be constraints on reclaiming the entire expenditure associated with the order.

In light of this, it’s prudent to consider alternative academic writing solutions that potentially offer more reliable and accommodating refund policies, along with consistent quality assurances. Exploring other online platforms might indeed provide a broader spectrum of choices, ultimately contributing to a more satisfactory and effective academic support experience.

Final Thoughts

It’s unfortunate to hear about your and others’ less than satisfactory experiences with SameDayEssay. When choosing an academic writing service, it’s crucial to consider factors like reliability, quality of work, customer reviews, and overall reputation.

Regarding the comparison between SameDayEssay and EduBirdie, it’s important to note that both companies have their own strengths and weaknesses. However, based on your perception, you’ve expressed skepticism about both options and mentioned that you believe there are more trustworthy and modern alternatives available.

When seeking academic writing solutions, it’s a good practice to conduct thorough research, read reviews from multiple sources, and consider factors such as the company’s refund policies, revision options, communication with writers, and the overall professionalism of the service. Each student’s needs and expectations vary, so it’s wise to explore various options to find a service that aligns with your requirements.

If you’ve come across other writing services that you consider more reliable, modern, and cost-effective, it might be a good idea to explore those further and gather more information about their offerings before making a decision. Remember that making an informed choice will contribute to a more positive experience when seeking academic assistance online.