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Service features:

Service rating


Price from


Max Discount


Min Deadline

6 hours

Free revisions


Refund guaranteed



  • Reasonable prices
  • Easy-to-navigate website


  • Poor quality of the delivered papers
  • Helpless support agents
  • Fake reviews

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About Studyfy

Studyfy, an essay writing service under the ownership of Online Academi Services Ltd., claims to offer academic assistance. However, the details surrounding its operations and authenticity warrant a closer examination. This comprehensive Studyfy review delves into various aspects of the service, such as reviews, customer complaints, services, pricing, writers, ordering process, paper quality, plagiarism, revisions, support, and conclusions.

Ownership and Background: Studyfy’s ownership is attributed to Online Academi Services Ltd., with limited available information. Despite a claimed presence of 9 years in the market, detailed specifics and background about the company are elusive.

Studyfy Reviews & Online Reputation

While Studyfy’s rating may appear high, deeper scrutiny reveals that positive reviews could be biased or even fake. Red flags arise from a lack of recent reviews in 2021 and the absence of recognition on reputable platforms like Trustpilot.

Customer Complaints

Amid the facade of positive reviews, real customer feedback uncovers a different story. Complaints predominantly revolve around issues of plagiarism, subpar paper quality, and delayed submissions.

Types of Services Provided

Studyfy offers a range of services, including essay writing, proofreading, editing, dissertations, multiple-choice questions, capstone projects, and more.

Prices & Deadlines

Studyfy’s pricing is presented in an online calculator, with various services and deadlines impacting costs. Despite reasonable initial estimates, actual bids from writers can differ significantly. A bidding system contributes to price fluctuations, creating uncertainty for users.

Discounts and Promo Codes: Studyfy offers a beneficial online calculator for price estimation, along with a tiered discount system. Discounts escalate with the number of pages ordered, starting from 5% and increasing up to 40%.

Studyfy Writers

While Studyfy boasts about professional writers, customer feedback paints a different picture. Reviews reveal issues with grammar, punctuation, content quality, and outdated information. Despite claims of competence, the actual quality of work is inconsistent.

How to Make an Order at Studyfy

The ordering process is touted as quick and user-friendly. However, the experience varies due to a bidding system that affects final prices. A personal experience with a 3-page Sociology essay highlighted delivery delays, poor structure, and disregard for instructions.

Revisions and Refund Policy

Plagiarism: Although Studyfy is praised for minimal plagiarism, instances of up to 15% plagiarism have been reported by some customers. While my own experience yielded lower levels of plagiarism, the issue remains a concern.

Revisions and Refund Policy: Studyfy’s revision and refund policies raise concerns. The process for obtaining a refund involves proving writer non-compliance with requirements. Revisions are free, but the refund process is intricate and potentially unfavorable for customers.

Support and Communication: Initial impressions of support agents being helpful fade when faced with complex issues like revisions and refunds. Limited communication channels, such as live chat and email, add to the challenge.



Despite initial optimism, a comprehensive examination of Studyfy reveals several pitfalls. Suspicion arises due to limited ownership information and biased reviews. Customer complaints point to issues with plagiarism, quality, and tardiness. An intricate pricing structure and bidding system add uncertainty to costs. The writers’ competency is inconsistent, and customer support becomes less helpful for challenging issues. In summary, Studyfy’s service raises doubts about its trustworthiness and reliability, urging students to explore more reputable alternatives for their academic needs.