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  • High rates
  • Poor quality of papers
  • Tricky refund and revision policies

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About SuperbPaper

Commencing this review, it’s pertinent to note that the platform operates from Cyprus, similar to other academic paper delivery companies. is owned and managed by DDW Corp. Limited. It’s worth mentioning that this company also oversees at least one other writing service with a low-rate reputation.

By delving into a more comprehensive exploration of this platform, we aim to ascertain whether it merits your consideration.

SuperbPaper Reviews & Online Reputation

Having surveyed numerous reviews available online, it becomes evident that this service doesn’t quite live up to its “superb” claim. Many students express vehement reluctance to use this platform again due to the dismal quality of the delivered papers.

Interestingly, despite the overwhelmingly positive reviews showcased on their official website, a number of individuals have shed light on the potential falsity of these reviews in their own Superbpaper reviews. They assert that a significant portion of the positive feedback might be fabricated.

It’s worth noting that authentic positive Superbpaper reviews appear to be scarce on platforms like Reddit.

Turning to social media, the public Facebook page of the service doesn’t appear to provide substantial helpful information. The page seems relatively inactive, with the latest post dating back to 2019, and the remaining posts primarily consisting of memes about students grappling with their assignments.

SuperbPaper Types of Services Provided

These providers offer a diverse range of services that can be broadly categorized into three groups:

  1. Paper Works: This group comprises various types of academic papers, likely encompassing essays, research papers, term papers, dissertations, and other related assignments.
  2. Admissions: This category likely covers services tailored to application processes for educational institutions, such as personal statements, admissions essays, and other documentation required for successful applications.
  3. Editorial Work: Services related to editing, proofreading, and enhancing the quality of existing content might be included in this group.

While these groups encapsulate the primary services, the specific offerings within each category can be vast and encompass numerous academic and writing-related tasks.

Prices & Deadlines

Since Superbpaper doesn’t offer a readily available pricing table, it can indeed be challenging to assess their rates for various services. Based on the information provided on their website, it appears that the minimum price is $10 for a single page of a high-school paper. The spectrum of deadlines spans from a maximum of 14 days to a minimum of 3 hours.

Creating a table to outline the pricing structure for different types of assignments could indeed provide a clearer understanding of their pricing policy and assist students in making informed decisions regarding their budget and preferences. This approach would help potential users gain insight into the costs associated with various tasks and deadlines.

Popular Service DeadlinePrice
High school essay 7 days / $12.00 per page
College coursework 5 days / $21.00 per page
College article 3 day / $19.00 per page
University capstone project 1 day / $35.00 per page
Master’s term paper 3 days / $42.00 per page
PhD lab report 5 days / $48.00 per page

When placing an order on Superbpaper, they provide options for selecting additional services, including the choice of an advanced or premium writer. It’s important to note that opting for any of these options will lead to an increase in the final charge, although specific prices are not explicitly mentioned. The platform also offers extra services, such as a plagiarism report ($9.99), an abstract page ($14.99), and high priority processing ($14.99).

For your order of a four-page college essay with a three-day deadline, the charge amounted to $92, excluding any added extras.

In terms of SuperbPaper discounts and promo codes, you were unable to locate a Superbpaper promo code even as a new user on the website. Despite contacting their customer care agents, you were unable to secure a Superbpaper discount. While the agent indicated that a 5% discount would be applied automatically, it didn’t work in your situation, resulting in you having to pay the full price without any reduction.

SuperbPaper Writers

Regrettably, Superbpaper provides limited information about their writers, leaving customers in the dark regarding the qualifications and expertise of those handling their assignments. In your case, opting for the regular writer option resulted in being assigned a non-native speaker writer who produced an essay of subpar quality. This experience should certainly be highlighted in your Superbpaper review.

Furthermore, it’s worth noting that their agents attempted to persuade you to pay an additional fee for a premium writer, suggesting that this might be necessary to attain a paper of acceptable quality. This approach underscores the potential challenges associated with their standard writer option and the implications it has on the overall quality of the work. This detail adds a crucial layer of insight to your review.

Paper Quality and Personal Experience

The paper quality serves as the most disheartening aspect of my Superbpaper review. Having paid around $100 for a four-page essay, I held the expectation of receiving a top-tier assignment. Unfortunately, the reality fell far short of this anticipation.

The topic I provided was “The role of technology in World War 1.” Regrettably, the assigned writer took a divergent route, opting to explore war crimes associated with WW1. This detour deviated from the intended focus on the utilization of emerging technological advancements such as tanks and submarines in the war effort. Compounding the issue, the paper was riddled with a plethora of grammatical errors that were even detected by online spell checkers.

On the upside, the sole silver lining was that the plagiarism level was below the acceptable threshold, standing at 13% matched content. This aspect provided a semblance of relief amidst an otherwise frustrating experience with the paper’s quality and content.

SuperbPaper Revisions and Refund Policy

Superbpaper extends the facility to submit unlimited revision requests within a ten-day window after receiving a paper. It’s noteworthy that their refund policy is intricate. In the majority of instances, partial refunds are only viable if a deadline is missed or if the writer deviated from the given instructions. An aspect frequently highlighted in negative Superbpaper paper writing reviews is the service’s reluctance to entertain refund requests in cases of inadequate papers. This stance is reinforced by the platform’s disclaimer that it does not guarantee good grades.

In terms of features, this academic writing service doesn’t boast an extensive array. The option to select a specific writer comes with an added cost. Additionally, they offer the provision to peruse free academic writing samples on their website, providing users with a glimpse of their content quality.

Support and Communication

Contacting the support team at Superbpaper can be done through various means, including live chat, email, or phone communication. However, it’s important to note a particular aspect of their support system.

It appears that the platform’s manager monitors user actions on the website and subsequently sends spam messages, offering assistance. This results in the live chat popup appearing seemingly on its own. This approach, while potentially intended to be helpful, might come across as intrusive to some users.

In your interaction with their live chat, you aimed to secure a discount code. Regrettably, the managers failed to provide the assistance you sought. Instead of facilitating a discount code, they engaged you in discussions about your order details and attempted to steer you towards the option of selecting an advanced writer, which incurred additional costs. Ultimately, despite these efforts, they did not furnish you with a promo code to reduce the final charge as you had hoped for.


In conclusion, my Superbpaper rating would lean towards being lower than average. My experience with the platform left me entirely dissatisfied with both the quality of the delivered paper and the overall service provided.