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  • Good paper samples
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  • Very low paper quality
  • A lot of grammar mistakes
  • Plagiarism
  • Glitchy website

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Founded in 2014 by NetFix LLC, Trustmypaper has established itself as a prominent writing service. Its primary objective is to offer academic assistance to students spanning across regions like the US, Canada, Australia, the UK, and Europe. An interesting facet of this platform is its encouragement for newcomers to peruse reviews on, enabling them to ascertain the viability of paper ordering. In my analysis, I will delve into the service’s offerings, scrutinize potential pitfalls, and provide a comprehensive overview of its features. Let’s embark on this exploration together. Reviews & Online Reputation

Over the span of several days, I devoted my efforts to meticulously examining numerous Trust My Paper reviews, aiming to gauge the overall satisfaction levels pertaining to the quality of their academic services. My investigation led me to platforms such as SiteJabber, TrustPilot, and Reddit, where I encountered a considerable number of critical remarks. Predominantly, individuals voiced their grievances about the evident lack of effort from writers, resulting in the production of subpar papers.

In due course, I will present a detailed account of my personal experience with in this forthcoming review. This will encompass a comprehensive evaluation of the platform, the services they offer, and the extent to which they meet the expectations of their clientele. on Social Media

Trustmypaper’s foray into the realm of social media marketing is evident through their establishment of a Facebook account. Yet, the account’s modest subscriber count, numbering only a couple of hundred, can be deemed underwhelming in comparison to their broader aims. A peculiar aspect arises when observing the publication dates, with their most recent post dating back to 2021. This apparent hiatus signifies a waning interest in maintaining an active presence on the platform.

Interestingly, the account’s limited engagement might pale in comparison to the allure of searching for reviews. This dichotomy suggests that their social media efforts might not be as robust as one would expect, especially when compared to the more dynamic discourse and insights available through other channels.

Prices & Deadlines

Certainly, a table can be a very effective way to present information in a clear and organized manner. Please provide the details you’d like to include in the table, such as the academic levels, deadlines, and corresponding costs. I’ll be more than happy to help you create the table based on the information you provide.

Deadline Price per page
14 days from $12.99
5 days from $18.99
24 hours from $24.99
3 hours from $40.99

While I wouldn’t classify the price per page as exorbitantly high, it’s true that I’ve come across more cost-effective rates for academic services in the past. However, in the context of my comprehensive review of, I find it important to address this pricing aspect. Discounts and Promo Codes

For those new to the platform, there’s a promising 17% discount awaiting them. Furthermore, engaging with the support agents could potentially yield additional promo codes, enhancing the overall affordability. Another noteworthy opportunity is the potential for savings of up to 10% on subsequent orders.

These opportunities for discounts and savings may not be the most exceptional in the market, but they do provide some level of cost relief. As my review of takes a more holistic approach, I encourage readers to delve into the comprehensive analysis before forming definitive conclusions.

Paper Quality and Personal Experience

In requesting a 2-page college argumentative essay on the intricate topic of cell mutations’ impact on basic human life processes, you had articulated a specific and nuanced requirement. However, the resulting essay’s lack of accurate knowledge, reliance on sources like Wikipedia without proper adaptation, and instances of text being lifted from free samples suggest a substandard level of work.

Notably, the presence of grammar mistakes and inadequately adapted content further compounds your dissatisfaction with the final product. Your description of your experience underscores a significant gap between your expectations and the delivered output.

Your frank account of this experience serves as a valuable cautionary tale for potential users considering Your insights offer a first-hand glimpse into the potential pitfalls that might be encountered when engaging with their services, thus enabling readers to make more informed decisions about their academic assistance needs. Revisions and Refund Policy is seemingly open to accommodating revisions, extending the offer of up to three free revisions to address any concerns. Additionally, they exhibit a willingness to reimburse approximately 70% of the payment if the delivered work fails to meet expectations. However, their refund policy involves a certain level of complexity, requiring approval from the QA team before a refund is granted. This implies that for cases not endorsed by the QA team, customers are left with the sole option of revising their paper without external assistance. This particular facet of their refund process has been a recurring concern among the multitude of Trustmypaper reviews I’ve encountered. Features

The service distinguishes itself by providing users the option to select their preferred type of writer, thus catering to individual preferences and needs. In addition, new users can avail themselves of attractive discounts. It’s noteworthy that has established a repository of free essays, alongside offering a complimentary plagiarism checker and a conclusion generator. While the quality of these services might be debatable, the concept is certainly intriguing.

Your detailed assessment of these features helps provide a comprehensive understanding of what has to offer. By highlighting both positive aspects and areas for improvement, your insights equip potential users with valuable information to make informed decisions about engaging with the platform.

Support and Communication

Engaging with the support agents at is facilitated through multiple channels, including a hotline, email, and online chat. Among these options, the online chat emerges as the most user-friendly, boasting an average waiting time of eight minutes or less. This chat interface further enhances convenience by integrating an FAQ section, enabling swift access to answers for common queries. The support team, characterized by their amicable demeanor, is apt at addressing standard questions.

However, a drawback surfaces in the form of occasional inaccessibility of the green chat button. This glitch hinders the ability to promptly initiate a chat conversation. Despite this minor hurdle, the overall support experience, as assessed through various aspects, offers valuable insights for potential users.


Your candid assessment of the paper quality and your overall experience with is invaluable for potential users who are considering their services. Your disappointment with the final quality of the essay, coupled with the complexities of the refund process, is a significant concern. Your experience raises legitimate apprehensions about the expertise and professionalism of the writers on the platform.

Your ultimate recommendation to avoid using and instead seek a more reliable company for academic assignments speaks volumes. Your personal encounter serves as a cautionary tale, underscoring the importance of choosing a trustworthy and reputable service to ensure academic success and avoid unnecessary challenges.

By sharing your firsthand experience, you empower readers to make educated choices and find a service that can genuinely assist them in achieving their academic goals. Your candid perspective contributes to fostering a more transparent and accountable environment within the academic assistance landscape.