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Service features:

Service rating


Price from


Max Discount

Min Deadline

6 hours

Free revisions


Refund guaranteed



  • Timely delivery.
  • This service sells used textbooks at low prices.
  • Plagiarism-free paper.


  • They did not follow my requirements.
  • A lot of negative feedback.
  • Limited work hours of customer support.
  • Lack of information about revision policy.
  • They don’t provide a price calculator.

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About UnemployedProfessors

Despite the lack of readily available legal information about the company, it has been traced back to its foundation in 2011, establishing its presence as an American entity. This enigmatic aura surrounding Unemployed Professors only deepens the intrigue.

The central tenet of revolves around the notion that students can engage the services of Ph.D.-holding writers, ostensibly providing them with the luxury of time for leisurely pursuits such as “party or sleep.” The spectrum of assistance extends beyond traditional academic assignments to encompass application essays, resumes, and curriculum vitae.

The first interaction with is through its visually engaging website design. Bursting with lively and colorful comics, the site traces the platform’s evolution and emphasizes its potential in alleviating the burdens of academia. This playful design aims to captivate and entertain visitors while conveying the promise of academic relief.

However, a notable point of contention arises from the use of colloquial language peppered with a mix of crude and unprofessional words. This choice of language diminishes the professional image that such platforms should ideally project. Furthermore, the “Competition” section employs a negative stance, criticizing and belittling their competitors. This approach reflects poorly on their own professionalism and ethical standpoint, raising questions about their credibility and demeanor within the industry.

In summation, while the concept of Unemployed Professors might appear innovative and appealing, certain aspects warrant scrutiny. The unavailability of clear legal information, coupled with the use of unprofessional language and a confrontational attitude, casts a shadow over the platform’s authenticity and integrity. It’s imperative for potential users to weigh these factors carefully before engaging with

It’s wise of you to have conducted thorough research and sought out reviews before proceeding with their services. Online reviews can provide valuable insights into the real experiences of customers and help you make informed decisions.

The discrepancy between the extensive list of services and the mixed ratings on review platforms does raise concerns and prompts a deeper investigation. The fact that Unemployed Professors maintains a presence on Reddit is a positive sign, as it allows for more candid and authentic discussions among users.

Finding a lack of negative comments on the Unemployed Professors Reddit channel could indeed provide a level of reassurance, suggesting that the service has garnered at least some degree of satisfaction from its customers. Additionally, the presence of numerous positive reviews and ratings, along with detailed information about each professor, could bolster your confidence in the platform.

Your decision to proceed with trying out their service and ordering an essay demonstrates your willingness to give them a fair chance. The outcome of your experience will ultimately reveal whether lives up to its claims and positive reviews. Remember to critically evaluate the quality of the work you receive and whether it meets your expectations, as this will be the true testament to the platform’s credibility and efficacy.

Unemployedprofessors & Online Reputation

Your thorough analysis of various review platforms like TrustPilot and Sitejabber for your UnemployedProfessors review is commendable. It’s important to gather insights from a wide range of sources to gain a comprehensive understanding of a service’s performance and potential pitfalls.

While the scarcity of overtly negative reviews might initially provide a semblance of assurance, it’s concerning to encounter comments indicating that cancels orders and that professors might utilize inaccurate sources or make false statements. These issues, if true, could indeed be substantial drawbacks that compromise the reliability and integrity of the service.

The reliability of any academic writing platform hinges on factors like consistent delivery, accuracy, adherence to instructions, and the use of reputable sources. If the platform is canceling orders or allowing professors to employ questionable practices, it can severely impact the academic success of the students relying on the service.

Your concern regarding these potential problems is valid, as these issues directly affect the quality of the work you would receive. As a conscientious reviewer, it’s essential to highlight these concerns in your UnemployedProfessors review, providing potential users with a well-rounded understanding of both the positive and potentially problematic aspects of the service. This balanced approach will empower readers to make informed decisions about whether to engage with the platform or explore other alternatives that may better meet their academic needs.

Prices, Deadlines, and Discounts

Thank you for sharing your insights about UnemployedProfessors’ pricing system. The use of a bidding system certainly adds an element of uncertainty to the cost of the service. While the initial impression might be that this approach could lead to competitive and potentially lower prices, your experience underscores that this might not necessarily be the case.

It’s informative to learn that the bidding system at UnemployedProfessors can result in prices ranging from $10 to $35 per page, with the final cost determined by factors like deadlines and complexity. Your example of paying $40 for a 2-page essay provides a tangible illustration of how these variables can translate into real costs for customers.

The inherent variability in pricing due to the bidding system could pose challenges for students seeking consistent and predictable costs for their assignments. This unpredictability might not align well with budget constraints and could contribute to a lack of transparency in terms of cost expectations.

Your detailed experience with UnemployedProfessors’ pricing system and the subsequent cost you incurred will be valuable information for potential users to consider when deciding whether to engage with the service. Providing such specifics in your review can guide readers in making informed choices and understanding the financial implications of using the platform.

Thank you for sharing more details about UnemployedProfessors’ additional services and pricing structure. The availability of VIP services such as a plagiarism report and a Personal Supervisor does offer some advantages, but the costs associated with them, especially when compared to other platforms, might be a concern for potential customers, as you rightly pointed out. It’s common for students to seek affordable solutions that provide comprehensive services without excessive charges.

The lack of discounts and promo codes might also be a drawback for budget-conscious students who are accustomed to such incentives from other online platforms. However, the refer-a-friend program is a positive aspect, as it offers students an opportunity to earn a discount on their next order, as validated by Unemployed Professors reviews.

The punctual delivery of your written paper is undoubtedly crucial, and I appreciate your acknowledgement of that aspect. However, the dissatisfaction you experienced with the quality of the paper raises an important concern. In the upcoming sections of your UnemployedProfessors review, a deeper analysis of the quality of work provided will offer valuable insights for readers who are considering using the service. Your balanced and detailed assessment will assist others in gauging whether UnemployedProfessors meets their academic needs and expectations.

How to Make an Order at Unemployed Professors

Your guidance on the process of placing an order with UnemployedProfessors is both informative and practical. It’s beneficial for potential users to have a clear understanding of the steps involved in requesting a paper, especially given the mixed reviews that the service has received.

By clicking on the “Order My Essay” button and then proceeding to input vital details such as assignment type, subject, academic level, and citation style, users can initiate the process efficiently. Additionally, your suggestion to provide a comprehensive description of the paper’s requirements or attach relevant files is essential. Clear instructions help ensure that the final product aligns with the student’s expectations and professor’s criteria.

Waiting for a support agent to make contact is a standard procedure in many online platforms, and your mention of this step helps set realistic expectations for users in terms of communication timelines.

By offering these insights, you’re providing valuable advice to individuals who might be considering UnemployedProfessors as an option. This type of practical information can aid them in navigating the process and making well-informed decisions about whether to proceed with their order.

Is Unemployed Professors Worth It?

Having delved into the Unemployed Professors Reddit channel and thus having certain expectations for a professionally crafted paper, my actual experience proved quite the opposite. Instead of receiving a polished piece of work, I was met with a document riddled with grammatical errors, which left me questioning the level of expertise that went into its creation. The unfortunate reality was that the essay exhibited a quality that appeared more akin to that of a student freelancer struggling with English proficiency, rather than the professional assistance I had anticipated based on the platform’s reputation.

While uniqueness was assured, a critical criterion for academic assignments, the core aspect of accurate and comprehensive topic coverage was sorely lacking. I had tasked the writer with producing a succinct 2-page essay on the historical underpinnings leading to the establishment of Israel as a nation-state. Specific emphasis was intended for the Arab-Israeli conflict and the contemporary status of Israel. To my dismay, these focal points were inadequately addressed, and the essence of the essay’s theme remained unexplored, contravening my explicit instructions.

Equally disappointing was the omission of a detailed analysis of Zionist activities—a crucial component that I had specifically outlined in my request. Regrettably, this facet was conspicuously absent, compounding the dissatisfaction with the essay’s content.

Terms of Use

One of the most disconcerting aspects of is the sense of insecurity it imparts to students through its subpar guarantees. These guarantees, in theory, should provide a safety net for clients, but in practice, they appear to be more burdensome and challenging to realize.

The requirement to provide irrefutable evidence that a delivered paper falls short of expectations in order to qualify for a full refund is problematic. This not only places the onus on the student to meticulously prove the paper’s shortcomings but also creates an environment of distrust, where students might be hesitant to assert their concerns for fear of not meeting the required threshold of evidence.

Moreover, the lack of a clear revisions policy and the assurance that a writer will work on a paper until the client is fully satisfied contribute to a sense of uncertainty. The absence of defined parameters for revisions can leave students wondering about the extent of assistance they can expect and whether their concerns will be genuinely addressed.

Your advice for students to exercise caution when considering, particularly for urgent and quality-driven assistance, is well-founded. When seeking academic support, it’s essential to prioritize platforms that offer transparent and effective guarantees, clear revision policies, and a commitment to customer satisfaction without requiring students to jump through hoops to secure their rights.


Your experience with UnemployedProfessors’ customer support service paints a rather frustrating picture. The limitations and inefficiencies you encountered with their support system are indeed concerning and raise questions about the platform’s responsiveness and commitment to customer satisfaction.

The absence of an online chat, coupled with support agents being available for only limited hours, can be a significant drawback for students who might require immediate assistance or have urgent inquiries. The requirement to leave your details and wait for a response, which might take hours, can be a source of frustration and hindrance to timely communication.

Your attempt to contact the support team via email in the hopes of expediting the process revealed similar inefficiencies, further amplifying your frustration. The fact that you finally managed to connect with a friendly and helpful support agent after enduring extended wait times does suggest that the individuals on the support team are willing to assist, but the overall process and system leave much to be desired.

In an era where efficiency and responsiveness in customer service are valued, such delays and cumbersome communication methods do seem outdated. Your comparison of the platform to dinosaurs serves as a poignant analogy, underscoring the importance of adaptability and modernization in the service industry. Your insights will undoubtedly serve as valuable information for potential users, helping them set realistic expectations when it comes to seeking support and assistance from UnemployedProfessors.

Final Thoughts

Given the challenges I encountered with grammar errors, inadequate topic coverage, and inconsistencies in meeting instructions, I find it difficult to endorse UnemployedProfessors as a dependable option for academic support. The incongruities between the service’s claims and the delivered quality suggest a misalignment that may compromise your academic endeavors.

In light of this, I strongly advise you to consider alternative avenues for your academic needs, seeking platforms that have garnered positive feedback and a reputation for consistent excellence. Your time, energy, and financial resources are valuable, and making a well-informed decision about where to seek assistance can significantly impact your academic success. As such, I urge you to explore more reliable and reputable writing services that can provide the quality and dependability you deserve.