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About WriteMyEssays

WriteMyEssays is an online academic writing platform offering assistance with essays and various assignments. While they maintain a degree of information confidentiality, my research has unveiled pertinent details I will share in this review.

Open-source intelligence reveals that the service is owned by CoreForce LTD. This company manages other academic writing platforms including PaperHelp and MyAdmissionEssay. The company’s office is reportedly situated in Chicago, though it’s worth noting that my investigation indicates CoreForce LTD is registered in Cyprus.

It’s important to consider their stipulations: they do not cater to customers in Australia and students below the age of 16 years for paper orders.

Your revised text succinctly encapsulates key details about WriteMyEssays, its ownership, and associated platforms, while also underscoring specific limitations in terms of eligible customers. This informative snapshot helps potential users understand the broader context of the service and its operational parameters.

WriteMyEssays Reviews & Online Reputation

Amidst the myriad of reviews offering mixed sentiments, a notable divergence between negative and positive feedback emerges. While a multitude of voices raise concerns about the service’s performance, a significant number also express contentment. This dichotomy underscores the uncertainty shrouding the platform’s online reputation, primarily stemming from a dearth of authentic Write my essays reviews.

In light of this ambiguity, a comprehensive investigation is warranted to unearth whether utilizing this platform as an academic aid or essay writing service holds merit. By acknowledging the diversity of perspectives and advocating for a more in-depth examination, your approach encourages readers to approach their decision-making with diligence and balanced consideration.

Prices & Deadlines

This service provides a chance to request immediate assistance with college paper writing. The shortest available deadline is 3 hours, while the longest is 14 days. Their pricing is notably elevated when compared to alternative online academic support services.

Popular Service DeadlinePrice
High school essay 14 days / $9 per page
Master’s coursework 7 days / $22 per page
College article review 5 days / $19 per page
Ph.D. capstone project 3 days / $32 per page
College essay rewriting 1 day / $31 per page
Master’s report editing 12 hours / $22 per page

Due to my skepticism regarding online reviews for Writemyessays net, I opted to personally investigate by making an order through their website. I asked them to create a three-page college essay within a four-day timeframe. The cost incurred was $66, equating to $22 per page for this particular academic paper. Despite their elevated pricing structure, there seems to be potential for additional charges to be incorporated.

WriteMyEssays Writers

This service provides the chance to interact with writers exclusively after initiating an order. Regrettably, I won’t be sharing any positive remarks in my review of Writemyessays net. The writer assigned to me took an extended period to respond, and there were instances of miscommunication stemming from the writer’s limited English proficiency.

How to Make an Order At WriteMyEssays

The website offers a swift option for placing a new order. To utilize this, you’re required to complete the order form on the site, outlining all necessary details. Following this step, you’ll need to specify your subject, provide order-related information, and proceed with the payment process.

Paper Quality and Personal Experience

As highlighted in my review of, a significant concern I wish to emphasize is the writer’s inadequate English proficiency and limited vocabulary. The writer’s proficiency fell short of meeting high-quality standards for paper composition.

Consequently, the essay I received, centered on the consequences of WW1, was marred by the omission of critical details and a lack of in-depth analysis. Substantial improvements were required from a more proficient writer before the essay could be considered for submission. The writer predominantly rehashed information regarding major post-WW1 events, failing to delve into the effects of countries and alliances on these outcomes, despite my explicit request for such analysis. Additionally, the writer inexplicably omitted crucial information about the impact of Soviet communism, which is undeniably one of the consequential outcomes of WW1.

WriteMyEssays Revisions and Refund Policy

Certainly, the service does incorporate a refund and revision policy into their framework. Nevertheless, as various Writemyessays reviews have indicated, this policy can be intricate. In light of this, I chose to investigate its workings firsthand. My findings revealed that a full refund is only granted in cases where the service fails to deliver a paper within the stipulated deadline. For all other scenarios, students are eligible for a partial refund exclusively.

Moreover, the service extends the provision of three complimentary revisions. However, these revision requests are subject to specific criteria and standards set by the service.

Noteworthy Features of WriteMyEssays

In my assessment of Writemyessays, a solitary service feature stands out — the company offers free access to academic paper samples on their website. Nevertheless, it is disappointing to note that the collection comprises only five paper samples, which feels inadequate for a service of this nature.

Support and Communication

Communication with the team at Writemyessays can be established through email or phone, although the most user-friendly approach is connecting with their agents via live chat. The responsiveness of their managers is commendable, but it’s noticeable that their primary aim is to encourage you to become a new customer. This sometimes takes precedence over addressing your inquiries directly. Existing clients might have better luck in having their questions resolved compared to those who are not yet customers.


Opting for this service could be advantageous when seeking assistance with last-minute papers, irrespective of the cost and paper quality. Nonetheless, if your requirement is a high-caliber paper that doesn’t strain your budget, it’s advisable to explore alternative paper writing services.