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  • Free essay examples
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  • Poor paper quality
  • no honest reviews
  • tricky money-back procedure
  • late delivery

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Established in 2019 by DDW Corp Limited, is a writing service based in Cyprus, with its headquarters situated in Nicosia. The company presents itself as an exceptional solution for contemporary students. However, I harbor reservations concerning such assertive declarations. With these doubts in mind, I aim to initiate my review to thoroughly examine all pertinent details and uncover any hidden facets of the company. Let’s embark on this journey together to gain a comprehensive understanding of the service. Reviews & Online Reputation

My initial objective was to locate genuine reviews, as I value the insights of fellow individuals. Consequently, I turned to prominent platforms like Trustpilot, Sitejabber,, and Quora as my starting point. However, I’m unable to provide extensive information about Writemyessaysos rating due to the company’s relatively inconspicuous presence. My search yielded merely a few reviews on Reddit and less widely recognized forums. In general, the company seems to lack significant popularity. Feedback from individuals includes complaints about instances of plagiarism and delayed deliveries.

Customer’s Complaints

Commenting on this aspect proves challenging, primarily because I encountered fewer than five reviews for online. Such a limited quantity of feedback doesn’t provide a comprehensive basis for objectively assessing the areas in which the company frequently falls short. My findings are derived from a mere handful of negative comments discovered on a couple of lesser-known forums. Individuals expressed discontent regarding subpar paper quality and instances of plagiarism. at Social Media

In my endeavor to find a handful of Writemyessaysos reviews, I extended my investigation to explore the company’s level of engagement in social media expansion. Regrettably, my quest yielded fruitless results, as the company proprietors appear to have abstained from establishing any presence on popular platforms like Facebook or Twitter. They also overlooked platforms such as Reddit, YouTube, TikTok, and other less widely recognized social networks. This approach strikes me as somewhat illogical, particularly considering the efficacy of social media marketing campaigns in contemporary business practices.

Types of Services Provided

Let’s shift our attention away from the realm of media and direct our focus towards the range of services offered by this company. The following services are available for you to order:

  • Essay
  • Research paper
  • Term paper
  • Article review
  • Homework, and more.

While my review may not astonish you, it’s worth noting that the company’s array of services is quite typical. Nonetheless, this information can be beneficial for newcomers who may be uncertain about where to commence and what to anticipate.

Prices & Deadlines

The pricing strategy employed by the company appears reasonable at first glance. The rates and deadlines would likely meet my approval if not for certain intricacies that I will delve into shortly. To illustrate, there are additional charges for specific features. For instance, procuring a plagiarism report necessitates an extra payment of $10. Similarly, both an abstract page and a high-priority status for your order each come with a cost of $15.

Discounts and Promo Codes

From my understanding, the company offers the possibility of a beginner’s discount of up to 10%. However, you’ll need to independently search for promotional codes online or inquire about them from the support agents. A significant hurdle arises, as it appears that they do not promptly respond to emails, and the hotline is consistently occupied. Regrettably, this challenge hindered my ability to activate the bonus during the creation of my Writemyessaysos review. If you’re willing to exercise patience, you might have a more favorable experience and better luck securing the discount. Writers

By default, the assignment will be allocated to a regular writer. However, you have the option to opt for an advanced or premium expert. If you’re a returning customer, you have the flexibility to specify the writer’s ID that you prefer. Nevertheless, I recommend delving into this review to gain insights into the reasons why exercising this option might not be advisable.


Paper Quality and Personal Experience

Now, let’s delve into the pivotal aspects of my experience. I placed an order for a 2-page college admission essay, specifying that the focus should be on highlighting my athletic prowess. Specifically, I requested the writer to eloquently portray my role as a skilled quarterback who could potentially contribute to a victorious college team. Additionally, I emphasized the importance of showcasing my academic accomplishments, aspirations, and my compelling drive to become one of the institution’s illustrious alumni.

However, the predicament arose when the assigned expert failed to comprehend my instructions accurately. The portrayal of my athletic abilities and aspirations was reduced to merely two sentences. Furthermore, my academic achievements were entirely disregarded, and my motivation was ambiguously addressed. Regrettably, the opening paragraph exhibited a lack of sophistication akin to that of a young child’s writing. To compound these issues, the writer committed seven grammatical errors throughout the essay.

The evident shortcomings in the execution of my instructions and the subsequent quality of the essay render me unable to recommend such a writing service. This unfortunate experience underscores the disparities between expectations and actual outcomes that can arise from using this platform.

Revisions and Refund Policy

The company offers the benefit of free revisions, which is a positive aspect. However, when it comes to refunds, the process is somewhat distinctive. Firstly, the refund amount is contingent upon the judgment of the dispute manager. Secondly, if you opt for a revision, be prepared for the possibility of forfeiting over half of the initial payment. Selecting the revision option essentially serves as an implicit confirmation of your overall satisfaction with the order.

Support and Communication

Another letdown emerges at this juncture. The absence of an online chat feature necessitates relying on email or the hotline to communicate with support agents. However, the hotline consistently appears to be occupied. Despite sending an email, I received no response from the company. Consequently, I remain uninformed about the proficiency of their support agents, leaving me in a state of uncertainty regarding their quality of service.


My earnest advice is to refrain from considering this company. The subpar quality of my paper stands out as its primary drawback. I strongly encourage you to explore alternative options without delay.