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Service features:

Service rating


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  • Chatting with writers is easy
  • Affordable rates


  • Unclear pricing
  • Only a few old Write Paper reviews
  • Confusing refund terms
  • Poor writing quality

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About WritePaper

At first glance, WritePaper appears to be a promising solution for academic writing needs. However, as I ventured further into the service, I discovered a web of intricacies and concerns that left me questioning its credibility. This comprehensive WritePaper review delves into various aspects, shedding light on its ownership, reviews, services, pricing, quality, and support.

customer review

Upon investigating WritePaper’s origins, I found it to be associated with Skillhub, a company registered in the United Arab Emirates. This connection suggests a network of essay mills possibly sharing resources. Operating under UAE laws could present significant variations from conventional practices.

WritePaper Reviews & Online Reputation

While the few available reviews were positive, their dated nature raised suspicions. The absence of recent reviews in 2021, along with the seemingly curated nature of feedback, indicated potential manipulation.

WritePaper Types of Services Provided

WritePaper offers an extensive range of services encompassing academic writing, rewriting, editing, proofreading, problem-solving, calculations, and more. This breadth caters to a wide array of educational levels and subjects.

Prices & Deadlines

The pricing system at WritePaper is unconventional, involving a bidding process. While the initial estimate provides a base cost, the actual bids can substantially differ. My personal experience revealed significant variations in bid offers for the same task. This inconsistency demands cautious consideration when selecting a bid.

WritePaper Discounts and Promo Codes

Although WritePaper doesn’t explicitly promote discounts, a promo code provided a 15% reduction for my initial order.

Paper Quality and Personal Experience

My experience with WritePaper exposed several issues. A requested essay on space exploration projects deviated from the topic, disregarded instructions, and displayed poor sourcing. This inconsistency between expectations and delivered quality raised red flags.

WritePaper Revisions and Refund Policy

While WritePaper offers free revisions within 14 days, the complexity of the refund process becomes evident in the fine print. Full refunds for issues such as late delivery are conditional and subject to Quality Assurance Department approval. Proving plagiarism requires a Turnitin report, underlining the challenging refund process.

Support and Communication

WritePaper’s support team was responsive but relied on generic responses. While they were available to address complaints, their assistance was limited.


In retrospect, my optimism regarding WritePaper’s potential quickly soured as I delved deeper into the service. The connection to Skillhub, dated reviews, and complexities in pricing, quality, and refund policies cast doubt on the service’s reliability. Despite its appearance and affordable pricing, WritePaper’s shortcomings, evident in my personal experience, strongly advise against its use. Seeking alternatives for academic assistance is prudent to avoid disappointment and potential issues down the line.