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About Writersperhour

Commencing the review, it’s pertinent to examine the parent company behind the service. As per publicly available information, the platform is owned and operated by RRKN Research Holdings LTD. This Cyprus-based company has been active since 2015. Intriguingly, the platform asserts its location as Brooklyn, New York on their website, a detail that diverges from their official registration.

The company’s website presents a middling design with a layout that can be confusing to navigate. Moreover, it exhibits a somewhat outdated appearance compared to contemporary standards. Notwithstanding these initial observations, delving deeper will enable us to ascertain whether Writersperhour proves to be a suitable choice for procuring academic papers online, as explored in the forthcoming sections of this review.

Writersperhour Reviews & Online Reputation

While Writersperhour claims that all of their clients provide 5-star reviews, it’s important to consider a broader spectrum of feedback. Although certain students express positive sentiments regarding this writing service, it’s worth acknowledging that negative reviews also exist on independent platforms. In particular, real individuals have raised concerns about the quality of their papers on platforms like Reddit. It’s noteworthy that Writersperhour possesses no reviews on Trustpilot, a widely recognized review platform.

Given this mix of perspectives, it’s evident that the overall perception of Writersperhour is varied and extends beyond uniformly positive feedback. A comprehensive evaluation, incorporating both positive and negative reviews, can offer a more nuanced understanding of the service’s effectiveness and quality.


Writersperhour Prices, Dadlines, and Discounts

Writersperhour employs a comprehensive pricing policy that takes into account various factors influencing the ultimate cost of their services. To facilitate this, they’ve designed a calculator that assists in determining the final price based on provided details.

Writersperhour Prices

Popular Service Shortest Deadline/Price
High school essay 10 days / $13.99 per page
Master’s coursework 5 days / $27.99 per page
College article review 2 day / $26.99 per page
College capstone project 1 days / $28.99 per page
College term paper 16 hours / $32.99 per page
Master’s lab report 8 hours / $48.99 per page

The shortest timeframe available for completing academic papers through Writersperhour is five hours, while the longest duration for an order on their platform extends up to 30 days.

I placed an order for a four-page essay with a 48-hour deadline, which amounted to $107.96. Although there was an opportunity to pay an extra fee for the assignment of a qualified writer, I opted not to avail this option. The platform offers the following supplementary services:

  • Advanced writer: Adds 25% to the final cost
  • English-speaking writer: Adds 35% to the final cost


Writersperhour Writers

Despite the implication in the company’s name that direct writer hiring is possible, this is not the case. In reality, there is no avenue for communication with writers after payment has been made on the website. The process involves submitting requirements and subsequently receiving the completed academic papers. Consequently, evaluating the proficiency of their writers can only be done through assessing the quality of the delivered papers.

Given that I opted not to pay an additional fee, my expectations did not lean towards top-tier quality. This aspect holds particular significance in my Writersperhour review. However, my experience was nonetheless disappointing upon receipt of the essay.

Paper Quality and Personal Experience

I commissioned a four-page essay with a 48-hour deadline and was relieved that the company managed to deliver my assignment punctually. However, the paper’s quality was far from satisfactory.

The topic I provided was “Upcoming Cybersecurity Threats.” I explicitly instructed the writer to delve into potential cybersecurity threats stemming from emerging technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and quantum computing. Regrettably, the writer’s approach veered off course. Instead of conducting the requested research, the essay merely regurgitated information from a blog post, touching upon common threats like phishing emails, malware, and hacking—subjects that most readers are already acquainted with. As a result, I found myself undertaking the task of revising the essay to rectify grammatical errors and enhance its coherence.

Support and Communication

For communication with their representatives, you have the option to reach out through email or utilize the live chat feature on their website. However, it’s worth noting that their live chat function is inactive due to the unavailability of agents. This seems to be a recurring concern, as highlighted in various reviews.


Overall, my experience with this company has left me less than fully satisfied with both the quality of the delivered paper and the overall service. While their prices surpass the market average, the quality of the work fails to meet those higher standards. Consequently, if your objective is to secure a top-grade outcome and also be prudent with your finances, it would be advisable to explore alternative writing services.