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  • High experience in the market
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  • Poor quality of the delivered papers
  • Dubious reputation of the service
  • Late delivery
  • Helpless customer support

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About Writingcheap

Among the plethora of essay writing services populating the market, Writingcheap immediately captured my attention. Its compelling features included competitive pricing, an inviting website, and the convenience of an online price calculator. Upon further exploration, I unearthed the fact that the service boasted an impressive track record of over 5 years in the industry. Additionally, it was revealed that Writingcheap was owned by FogProg Limited, effectively dispelling any reservations about the company’s legality and its adherence to regulatory standards. Reviews & Online Reputation

In my quest to ascertain the reliability of the service, I dedicated several hours to traversing the web and perusing reviews pertaining to While a substantial portion of these reviews conveyed positive sentiments, I discovered that the negative ones often exhibited a more impartial tone. Adding to the complexity, the comments featured on these review platforms exhibited a wide spectrum of viewpoints, further compounding my sense of confusion. Moreover, the divergent ratings assigned on platforms like Sitejabber and Trustpilot raised suspicions, casting a shadow on the consistency of the service’s reputation.

Among the litany of customer complaints, recurring themes emerged, encompassing substandard paper quality, tardy submissions, and unsatisfactory communication with the support team. These prevalent grievances highlighted the areas in which seemed to falter.

Regrettably, despite the considerable tenure the company has amassed in the market, its online activity remains notably limited. Consequently, potential clients must rely predominantly on the website itself as the singular source of information and updates, exacerbating the dearth of external perspectives and insights.

Prices & Deadlines

Popular Service Shortest Deadline/Price
Essay writing 2 hours/$9
Multiple choice questions 2 hours/$9
Proofreading/editing 2 hours/$9
Business plan 2 hours/$9
Term paper 2 hours/$9

Operating within a bidding system framework, introduces a degree of uncertainty regarding the prospective cost of your project until the point of successfully initiating the ordering process. My investigation into revealed that pricing commences at $9, subsequently fluctuating based on variables such as page count, assignment specifications, academic level, and other pertinent factors. My own experience, as I delved into a review of, involved a 2-page literary analysis project. While the initial quote amounted to $45, this endeavor was subject to a one-day delay in delivery, prompting me to question its timeliness.

Writingcheap Writers

The company’s website touts a roster of professional, experienced, and competent writers. However, the reality seems to diverge significantly from this portrayal. Regrettably, it appears that my paper, and possibly others’, was assigned to an inexperienced and incompetent writer. This individual, seemingly a non-native English speaker, demonstrated a clear lack of understanding about literature, as evidenced by the output.

This incongruity between the promised expertise and the actual quality of work delivered raises concerns about the company’s commitment to upholding its stated standards. It is disheartening to find that the caliber of writers entrusted with assignments does not align with the company’s claims.

Paper Quality and Personal Experience

The foremost aspect to address in this Writingcheap review is the daunting and time-consuming ordering process. Despite attempting to place an order for a 2-page literary analysis, I found myself investing more than an hour in navigating through the complexities of the process. Adding to the challenge was the lack of clarity regarding the approximate cost of the assignment. Prices only materialized once writers commenced their bids, yielding a wide spectrum of offers. I eventually selected a middle-ground bid, which amounted to $45 for a 2-page essay to be delivered within 3 days.

My expectations were straightforward: a coherent and well-structured comparative analysis of George Orwell’s “Animal Farm.” Unfortunately, the reality proved to be an immense letdown, tantamount to a squandering of both time and money. Initially, it’s crucial to underscore that the paper’s formatting failed to adhere to stipulated requirements. The presence of an abundance of errors—ranging from data inaccuracies to punctuation, grammar, and spelling mistakes—was both glaring and disconcerting. However, these concerns were overshadowed by more significant issues.

The writer’s incompetence was palpable. Astonishingly, they omitted even the basic details such as the author of “Animal Farm.” It became evident that the writer lacked an understanding of the work’s genre, central ideas, and essential specifications. Adding to the disillusionment, the paper was delivered beyond the agreed-upon deadline. Despite my hopes for a profound and coherent essay, the result was a superficial, low-quality composition that scarcely warranted attention.

Turning to the subject of plagiarism, the essay I received did not exhibit signs of being plagiarized. However, it’s noteworthy that some customers have reported encountering plagiarism issues with the service. This phenomenon could be attributed to Writingcheap’s employment of a bidding system, thereby fostering uncertainty about the competency and reliability of the assigned writers. This inherent uncertainty underscores the potential challenges faced by clients in ensuring a satisfactory outcome.

Revisions and Refund Policy

Through my perusal of reviews, I was led to believe that securing a free revision was a straightforward process. However, my own attempt to engage with the support team presented notable challenges, revealing a disconcerting discrepancy between the information provided on the website and the actual support experience.

Turning to the subject of the money-back guarantee, it appears that obtaining one is a formidable endeavor. Clients are required to invest substantial effort in substantiating their claims that the delivered paper falls short of the specified requirements, a process that can prove arduous and time-consuming.

In terms of service features, aligns with other essay writing platforms by extending various complimentary offerings. These perks encompass free revisions, a title page, citations, and formatting services, which, in theory, are designed to enhance the overall value of the service.

Support and Communication

Upon perusing the company’s website, I found the absence of a readily available phone number and a live chat option for expedient communication with the support representatives. A consensus echoed in multiple reviews further reinforces the observation that receiving timely responses via email is often a protracted endeavor. However, it’s worth noting that a redeeming feature lies in the possibility of maintaining direct communication with the assigned project executor, which is indeed a notable advantage.


Considering the comprehensive assessment encompassed in the review, a clear inference emerges: the company may not be the optimal selection for students who prioritize quality above all else. While the pricing structure appears to be competitively reasonable, the actual delivered papers belie this economic advantage. The content, unfortunately, often lacks coherence, carrying an array of mistakes and data inaccuracies that undermine its meaningfulness. As such, discerning students who prioritize the caliber of work should potentially explore alternative options that offer a superior balance between quality and cost.