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Service features:

Service rating


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Max Discount

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1 day

Refund Guaranteed


Free Revisions



  • Polite support
  • Average prices


  • Strange interface
  • Fake reviews
  • Mediocre writing

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About WritingMetier

Hello to all. In this review, we’re embarking on an exploration of yet another writing service. To commence, our focus shall be directed towards the main webpage. At first glance, it’s evident that the layout bears a resemblance to that of a high school project, lacking components that would engage the interest of prospective customers. I do acknowledge the presence of a professional writing service, which certainly constitutes a positive attribute. Nonetheless, the procedure for initiating an order seems somewhat elusive. After a bit of exploration, I’ve managed to locate the relevant option situated at the top of the screen.

customer review

I was rather surprised to uncover the fact that this company is based in Estonia. Nevertheless, it’s conceivable that they could have remote workers, which might account for their diverse geographical presence. This aspect could potentially be elucidated by assessing the quality of the papers they provide, a subject we’ll explore shortly.

This specific service presents a wide spectrum of writing options, spanning academic, business, and content writing. An element of note is that their writers boast a range of 5 to 10 years of experience within the domains they write for. This intriguing facet suggests a genuine dedication to expertise. During a conversation with a support manager, it was conveyed to me that delivering assignments of top-notch quality requires substantial effort, and this is a challenge they are resolute in tackling.

Prices, Deadlines and Discounts

The pricing framework of this service slightly exceeds the average range. To access precise pricing information, you can navigate to the dedicated pricing page. It’s important to be aware that all the prices are denominated in EUR currency.

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As a result, the cost for my 5-paragraph essay with a 1-day deadline totaled €100, which translates to $118. This pricing structure implies that the services of this company are within reach for a diverse array of students.

Additionally, the service presents a variety of discount options. To secure a writing metier discount code for your initial order, you are advised to engage the support team. Moreover, the service extends bonuses for subsequent orders. Should you make a purchase within a month after your last assignment, you’re entitled to a 10% discount. Alternatively, if you place an order within a month following your second paper, you receive an even more substantial 15% discount.

customer review

Is WritingMetier Worth It

Upon delving into the Writing Metier subreddit, I was taken aback by the glaring absence of feedback or discussions on the platform. This absence prompted me to extend my search to other sources such as Trustpilot and Sitejabber. However, my efforts yielded only two negative comments on Sitejabber. Baffled by the scarcity of reviews, I expanded my search to encompass the broader internet landscape, yet my findings remained confined to the Writing Metier website itself.

Despite encountering a significant number of positive feedback, my personal experience with the quality of the paper turned out to be disappointing. Regrettably, the provided instructions were not followed, and to my astonishment, the paper was incomplete. Furthermore, the exploration of the theme lacked depth, with sentences presenting as painfully obvious. These shortcomings led me to a disheartening realization: the purported 5-10 years of experience that the ‘specialists’ were touted to possess didn’t seem to manifest in their work.

To be candid, I opted against navigating the complexities of pursuing a refund. Instead, I made the choice to construct this review of, aiming to disseminate my firsthand experience and insights.

Terms of Use

Writing Metier employs a comprehensive revision policy that allows clients to request revisions within specified timeframes. For standard papers, there is a 7-day window after downloading the paper to request revisions, while for theses or dissertations, this period extends to 21 days. As per insights from reviews, writers actively participate in making necessary corrections and maintain transparent communication throughout this process.

The refund policy is presented clearly, adhering to industry norms for eligibility.

In cases involving delayed delivery, a complete refund is not issued. Instead, the policy dictates that customers will receive the difference between the original and final deadlines. For instance, if you establish a 1-day deadline but receive your paper a day later, the refund would equate to the difference between a 1-day and 2-day deadline.

In terms of essay quality, if you initially accept the paper but later find it unsatisfactory, you are required to furnish substantial reasons and concrete examples to support your claim. Should your rationale be deemed valid, you might qualify for a refund of up to 14%. Conversely, if you outright reject the paper and seek a full refund, you must provide compelling reasons and examples within 14 days of paper receipt. It’s crucial to acknowledge that in this scenario, your assignment may be used for commercial purposes.

Addressing the safety aspect, based on the provided information, Writing Metier does seem to establish a relatively secure environment for its clientele.


When participating in a live chat with the support team, it’s essential to be aware that you have a restricted timeframe of 15 minutes to interact with them.

Furthermore, during my exploration of the website, I came across information that suggested the support team might not be available 24/7. However, upon seeking clarification from a manager, I received assurance that reaching out to the support team at any time is indeed feasible.

As depicted in the provided screenshot, two primary avenues exist for contacting the support team:

  1. Utilizing the live chat feature.
  2. Composing an email.

Opting for the live chat, I can affirm in my writing metier review that the response time is swift, and the team consistently upholds a commendable level of politeness. Their thorough addressing of my inquiries without omitting any questions is a trait I genuinely value. As you might deduce, should you wish to engage in a more extended conversation beyond the 15-minute limit, transitioning to email communication becomes necessary. This limitation is undeniably a drawback.

Moreover, it’s disconcerting to note the persistence of outdated information on the website. This lapse raises concerns about the platform’s professionalism, as it fails to meet the expected standard of accuracy.

Final Thoughts

Based on my personal experience and observations, I cannot offer my endorsement for this company. Despite the positive feedback visible on platforms like Sitejabber and Trustpilot, my own encounter yielded a subpar essay. It’s worth noting that even after operating for four years, the absence of reviews on platforms other than Sitejabber and Trustpilot—where they are present—hints at a limited recognition and user base. This absence could contribute to instances of subpar quality that only a small number of users may have encountered.

Given these circumstances, I hope that my forthright feedback aids you in making an informed decision. It’s my genuine wish that this company takes constructive criticism to heart and strives to transform into a reputable and high-quality service.